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Burleigh, Miami, and Surrounds

Stay up to date with information, entertainment, and stories from around Burleigh, Miami, and surrounding suburbs.


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Events in Burleigh, Miami, and surrounds. 

BLEACH* Festival

01 AUG - 11AUG | FRI 4pm - 9pm, SAT & SUN 12pm - 9pm | Ed Hardy Park, The Esplanade, North Burleigh | FREE Event

This immersive installation gives you the opportunity to channel your inner muso, collaborating alongside complete strangers to craft a beguiling piece of music. Architecturally designed, this melodic playground is made up of custom-constructed fibreglass seats that activate a portion of a musical score when you sit on them. Only when all the seats are occupied, will the entire track (created by leading Australian musicians like Tom Thum and Kiah Gossner) play, turning the installation into a magical sound garden. HEXADECA is proof of the pure beauty that can be conjured when a community comes together regardless of age, creed or culture.


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